Several years ago, the kids and I decided that for lack of a major holiday in the month of August, we would create our own holiday to celebrate every year; a holiday that’s strange and unusual, and that best represents who we are as a family.

Thus, Dorkday was born on August 14th, 2009…and is now fast approaching once again.

Others have tried to bring Dorkday into existence before us, on different days, and in different ways, but I doubt that they do this glorious holiday the same justice that we do.

What is Dorkday, you ask? Well, Dorkday is a tribute to doing things that make absolutely no sense whatsoever, but are lots of fun to do anyway. It’s a tribute to saying nonsensical stuff that makes other people facepalm . It’s a tribute to the things that make you go hmmmm. Best of all, though, it’s a tribute to good ol’ sheer stupidity.

To kick off our Dorkday festivities, we make our own really crazy and imaginative hats. My stepdaughter Grace made one for me a couple of years ago that had Red Bull and bacon on it. It was spectacular.

Periodically, over the course of the day and throughout our activities, we’ll ingest massive amounts of sugar in the form of soda, candy, and other sticky tooth rotting substances.

We then find the weirdest activities that we can come up with to engage in, such as turtle races, opposite handed bowling, playing leap frog in the pool, covering our faces with lunchmeat, or any other plethora of things that might make people look at us with awkward expressions on their faces.

Then comes the cake. Now, I could always just bake one, but it’s worth the price of a store-bought cake to see the puzzled expression on the bakery worker’s face when we ask her to write out “Happy Dorkday” in icing on our selected confection.

Before we converge upon our cake like a pack of unrefined hyenas, though, we sing our Dorkday Anthem. It goes a little something like this:

*Cue off key harmonica note*


You toot and bite the bubbles in the bathtub,
Cuz that’s what dorky people do…
And that’s why we’re gathered here,
With lots of dorky cheer,
To celebrate people like you!
So have a dork day, a happy dork day,
And don’t stop doin’ what you do…
Because it’s dork day, a happy dork day,
And the world needs dorky people, too!

We then call it another successful Dorkday and go sleep off our sugar buzzes while we dream of dorky things.

Here are some pictures from our Dorkday festivities back in 2010. This is how you do it Dorky Style:






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