Because I said so.


With a life resume boasting several years of parenting experience, I’ve come to realize that kids will try to get out of anything and everything. As a matter of fact, mine tend to be so lazy that I worry about having to oil their joints from lack of use like the Tin Man in Oz.

I believe that by now I’ve heard it all. Every excuse and creatively artistic form of backtalk ever to grace the English language, all rehearsed and re-scripted into some applause worthy performances.

When I happen to collide with The Great Wall of Whining, the one that’s built out of “why’s” and “how come’s” and “do I have to’s” that stretches higher and wider than the eye can see, I’ll sometimes start to offer up reasons for the requests that I make, until I suddenly realize…hey, wait a minute…you’re mom. You don’t have to explain yourself. There should only ever be 4 little words given in response to the resistance you’re met with after making requests and giving commands…

Because I Said So.

Though you think that you do
I know what’s best for you
…because I said so.

Want a car? Get a job
Please don’t eat like a slob
…because I said so.

Close the door, kill the light
Please be kind and don’t fight
…because I said so.

You should take out the trash
Please stop asking for cash
…because I said so.

Okay, I’ve had enough
Please just pick up your stuff
…because I said so.

Tie your shoe, you might trip
Please don’t give me more lip
…because I said so.

Have your tail home by nine
Please don’t lose that, it’s mine
…because I said so

When you’re 18, you’re free
‘Til then, listen to me


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